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Hello my name is Fred,

I love to Chillax on holiday catching Sharks,and returning them back to the water, beautiful things! With my Lady Carol and a beer on the beach.

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This website has been created through years of being a fisherman. Infact I started when I was six years old when my Granddad purchased my first split cane rod! and are domain names that I own and they are both for sale to the highest bidder. I purchased these as an investment for an online ecommerce enabled fishing shop, please click on the fishingonline logo to go to the empty shop. The shop is again for sale as are most things at the right price. All that is needed is to fill the shop with product. This can be done very quickly, all you need are the images/photos of the product you want to sell. This could be anything not just fishing tackle.


My other passions include:-


Speed Boats


I have restored a Bayliner Boat to the fine specimen below.




I have a current small speed Boat that is currently for sale at a bargain price of £2900.(SOLD)




Classic Cars


I am the proud owner of a tax exempt Moss Malvern – cheaper than a Morgan but just as much fun if not more. My Malvern is based on a Ford Cortina this is currently open to offers! The insurance is only £115 per year! This is a great car that you can work on with a full MOT and TAX.






I have an old run around BMW F650 motorbike for sale (offers over £1850) Sold!




Please email me if any of the above is of interest on

This site has been designed to show that with a successful ecommerce enabled web site you could use the revenue that you make to get involved and invest in projects that you enjoy. Why not invest in a shop like this to make you the extra cash thatyou need to get involved in your passion. It may be a simple home business idea like Jewellery or handbags or whatever!


I am open to good offers to invest into this shopping mall. Money makes Money!

1 An administration tool is provided to upload images and item details.

2 Special offers can be created flagging products you want to move quickly.

3 A newsletter functions to enable you to send a blanket email to all your customers that have created an account.

4 Payments from customers can be accepted by Papal and credit card.


I am open to sensible offers for the purchase of the whole web site and functionality above £7000 pounds sterling. Take part, join in, and enjoy what you do! do it now click below on the blue hyperlinked text. for it now

or shop under category shopping Mall!

If you want to join our reseller program you can rent a section at an annual investment of £500.

This would involve you having a section category of your own under our shopping mall branding design ( of up 20 products. Further products can be introduced at an agreed fee (to cover time of insertion etc).

You would need to provide the following information to us:- Electronic images of your product in jpeg format (.jpg) email to

An electronic word document containing the short description of the product

An upfront cleared cheque /credit card payment /papal payment of £500 for the 1st year rent. If you want to do it now click below on the blue hyperlinked text. for it now

or shop under category shopping Mall!

We will provide a weekly list of all orders for you to pick n pack and then despatch and we will provide a weekly cheque for the total amount of purchase less a 2% administration fee

If I have missed anything that you need to know please email me on

Regards and Best Wishes 



The Management



Enjoy what you do!


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